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Pou Mod Apk - Hello buddy aptoide, how are you buddy? Good luck, buckwheat at home, and always listen to our latest articles. Back again with us who...
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Pou Mod Apk – Hello buddy aptoide, how are you buddy? Good luck, buckwheat at home, and always listen to our latest articles.

Back again with us who will provide the latest and most up-to-date technological information about android games, which is certainly exciting and unique.

This time we will discuss an android game called pou mod apk, this game may be familiar to my friend, right?

If you don’t know about this game and its uniqueness, just calm down we will explain everything to you clearly and deeply.

There may be many games that are similar to this pou mod apk, but not as popular as this one game, because pou is one of the first games to appear with such a format.

This game itself is more suitable for children than adults, because the genre of this game is a simulator, or more precisely a parenting simulation.

But we in the pou mod apk do not know what pou is a kind of creature and what animal, but that’s what actually makes this game more popular.

Immediately, the clarity about this pou mod apk game, see and pay attention to my friend.

Pou Game Apk

What is pou game APK? yes this game is a simulator game that you can play on your android phone, easily and smoothly.

Because this game has a size that is not too big, so it can be played by anyone with a mobile phone spec that varies from low end to high end.

This APK POU game tells the story of a human who maintains a creature whose form and type are unclear, but which is fun to do.

Because in the game we can bathe and care for the funny creature, with an adorable voice that makes us want to continue to care for him.

In this pou apk game, you can also provide costumes and toys for the cute simahluk, making creatures happy with the toys you give.

There are so many uniqueness of this game, that is, my friend can also play other games in this APK POU game, such as car games and accuracy games.

The game also helps you to get gold or money to spend food on your creatures.

And there are many more uniqueness that you can meet, and we will discuss the gameplay and features in this APK POU game.

Pou Apk feature

As for the features and gameplay in this Pou apk game, you can see the explanation below.

  • Care and foster aliens – Friends are required to care for a funny alien creature, you can bathe and provide food for these creatures.
  • Give Attention – Friend can also pay attention to the alien creature, to make the creature will be happy and friend will also get money.
  • Invite to Play – Aliens are also happy to play, and you have to invite them to play with lots of toys that you have.
  • Dress Magluk With Costumes – Friend can also put on a costume for the alien creature, so that the creature that you take care of is getting funnier and more adorable.
  • Many Other Games – In the Pou Mod Apk game there are also other games, which aim to mate in order not to get bored playing it.
  • Get Gold – You also have to look for gold or money to buy food and equipment for the alien, you can get it from rubbing and playing other games.

Those are some of the gameplay and features that we can convey in this Pou apk game.

And next we will explain the mod version of this game that is by the name of POU APK max level.

What are the advantages of this mod version? and what are the uniqueness of this mod version of the game? see the explanation below.

Pou Mod Apk Max Level

For those of you who are familiar with the mod ersi, of course, it is already familiar if every android game offline or online must have a mod version.

It has become commonplace, because the mod itself functions no more like a mod in the game, so my friend is the same as using mod in the game.

Yes because the max level pou APK mod has undergone modification and modd process from the original version.

So get the game with the mod version, and the features in the game pou mod apk max level is that you can have a pet with max level.

And you can also have unlimited money and gold in this mod version of the game.

Makes you easier to play a game that needs leveling using money.

How to Install Apk

For how to install the game pou v1 4.75 the unlimited coins mod is very easy to do, and the way you can follow is my friend below.

  • Game files that you have downloaded, you can click to do the installation process.
  • And if you click, the installation process will run.
  • Press install and the installation process will run, wait a few seconds for the security message “unknown source” then allow it.
  • The installation process will run again until finished.
  • And you can play this game.

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