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Og YouTube Apk is an excellent utility for downloading YouTube videos and can function as a YouTube client. Its ease of use and...
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Og Youtube – Hello, come back to us at Aptoide. As usual, we always present the latest application and game recommendations for all of you.

Watching streaming is indeed very fun when the conditions are not good or just need entertainment and we have in mind if it is no longer YouTube or when you type in a search engine with the keyword “yt apk”.

That’s right, who doesn’t know the YouTube application that provides any video content that we can watch. you can download the latest youtube apk on Playstore or Appstore.

However, sometimes if we like the video, we definitely want to watch it on. The problem is that you need another quota to watch it again.

Does the youtube application have additional features such as downloading videos directly using this application? Of course not, so here we will recommend an application that actually this application is a modification, namely Og Youtube.

So, if you use this application, you don’t need to install a third-party application to download YouTube videos. This application is a must-have application that every mobile user must install on their Android Mobile Device.

Og Youtube App

Og YouTube Apk is an excellent utility for downloading YouTube videos and can function as a YouTube client. Its ease of use and great features make it a great replacement for TubeMate.

This mod application allows some additional features for its users. You no longer need to install any additional applications to download YouTube videos or convert songs to mp3. This application can download any video with just a few taps.

Meanwhile, you can just convert and download songs in mp3 format, which means you don’t need to install an mp3 converter or use an online video to mp3 converter site, etc. which is certainly very complicated, especially on the web converter there are annoying advertisements.

The best feature of Og Youtube is that you can now play YouTube videos in the background, which official YouTube doesn’t provide for you. Isn’t that great? Then download the application now and enjoy using this amazing application.

Main feature

If we look at the features below, there are many advantages that we get compared to the default application. Immediately, we see, friend:

Download Videos Directly

OG YouTube has the best feature that can help users download videos or songs directly from the application. There is no more application needed to download videos.

Download HD / HQ Quality Videos

Lots of downloaders don’t provide this feature. They can provide you with downloads in 360p results.

But by downloading Og YouTube Video Downloader you can download videos in HD and HQ formats. There are also many other formats for downloading videos.

Convert Video to Mp3

Converting to sound? Do you want to download as mp3? Then this is the best mod to download YouTube video songs directly to mp3.

There are many web converters that provide features with the same functionality, but as we previously explained, the main problem is that the application and website contain lots of annoying advertisements. Those apps and websites take up a lot of your time.

No Ads

From the features described earlier, this is definitely the best thing that we liked about Ogyoutube download. This application has no ads and is completely free.

Rename Videos While Downloading

Surely this must be there when you want to download it, now you can change the name of the video that you downloaded from OG YouTube.

This is best for those who don’t like the original title of a song or video. This is definitely very helpful when downloading multiple videos from the same category. You can change the name the right way to set it up perfectly.

Lots of Video Download Support

Og Downloader allows users to download many files directly at the same time. Now you don’t have to bother waiting to download another video, you can download as many videos as you want at the same time.

Play Video in Background

Using OG YouTube allows you to play videos in the background directly on the Youtube application.

Now you don’t have to turn on the screen to listen to your favorite song or video. This way you can save your battery.

Download Videos Fast

You can download videos faster than other third party applications. OgyouTube which allows the fastest downloading for its users. Best of all, it’s not available on most download apps.

100% Safe and Free

This application is free of charge. You can enjoy this cool application completely free of charge and it is also 100% safe and virus free. You don’t have to worry about viruses or malware that they are completely free of these Trojans and malware.

If you use other applications, it is possible that you have to pay money if they don’t display ads. But this youtube video download apk can be used without ads as well without paying money.

No Root Required

Root which is the toughest thing to do for a casual user. But to use Og YouTube, you don’t need to root their Android device. This mod application can function immediately without root.

Change Icons on Applications

Are you bored with the default icon? OG YouTube gives you the option to change the application icon according to your choice. It has several cool looking icons that you can choose from.

If you want to change the icon, go to Settings> Downloads> OGYouTube> Application Icons.

So, here you will see some icons that you can change from the default. This app has some of the cool and awesome features of OG YouTube. There are many other features that I forgot to mention available on OGYouTube that you should check for yourself.

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