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Off The Road Mod or OTR Open World Driving games will crush this fear and make you feel safe driving to the...
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Off The Road Mod – Hello everyone, back at Aptoide. This time we will recommend an application or game. Immediately, my friend can see below …!

Vehicle games are fun games, especially games that have their own difficulty level. Some of the genres contained in vehicle games such as racing and off road. Especially for the off road genre, this time it is very different from off road games in general.

Off The Road

What we know is that off road is only heavy terrain and uneven roads. However, have you ever imagined driving a car on harsh terrain such as mountains, forests or grasslands? Of course roads like this make it easier for you to drive, unlike in general, where this road is difficult to drive, so you can’t drive. Moreover, my friend will easily get lost because there are no special directions.

However, today’s Off The Road or OTR Open World Driving games will crush this fear and make you feel safe driving to the most dangerous places. Play and feel comfortable in this game and start exploring now!

If you have played Racing in Car 2, Street Racing 3D or are now an idol and popular like Asphalt 8: Airborn, driving the game Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving is not difficult for you. In this game, players have the task of driving to explore the most dangerous places in the world. This game is made with a large map system. Players can discover all day long without any worries. At the start of the game, players are given a pickup truck to start their game.

How To Play Off The Road

In the game control section, there are different functions to make it easier to drive the game.

  • The left side of the screen adjusts the direction.
  • Then on the right are the brakes and accelerator.

The terrain is considered quite difficult, the car breaks easily and overturns, so players need to manipulate these buttons to be able to move smoothly and flexibly. In the process of moving, many items will appear, such as equipment, repair equipment, money. Money is spent on equipment and vehicle and equipment upgrades to help players repair cars. If you feel bored with your car, you can leave it and find another means of transportation: a boat or even an airplane.

A new journey always gives people the most pleasant emotions. Now you are ready to explore the world of Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving MOD? Climb a mountain, explore an island or fly into the air and see the view from a distance with this game. Real 3D graphics will take you to a whole new world, you will not only be entertained but also immersed in a long journey full of experiences. Download this game and discover!

Off The Road Gameplay

This game is included in the open world driving game category, well, just like the RPG game genre, huh? hehe

Main System

The main system in this game is the driving mechanism, which really feels really good, friend, it can be seen that when driving on land, air, water and the coast it feels very different.

Drive Anywhere

You can use your car’s winch, you can climb the highest mountains, nothing can stop you. With accurate rope physics, the cable rope behaves realistically. Buddy can drive a boat to travel to the sea or even fly a helicopter to go anywhere easily.

Damage Rate

The level of damage that looks realistic when your car falls, crashes damage your car chassis. Tire pressure is simulated, the tire changes shape based on the load. Simulated water ripples, buoyancy and more.


Try to be able to beat Checkpoint Hunt challenges, use your off-road skills to reach checkpoints in Pathfinder challenges. Look for the transportation materials needed for the Transport challenge!


Use it like a trailer to carry material to a specific destination, or use your winch to attach to objects in the world and drag them around freely.


Even though you don’t use well-known vehicle brands, you can use many types of vehicles such as 4 × 4 cars, trucks, Tronton cars, boats, helicopters!

Off The Road feature

There are many features that you can enjoy, such as:

  • Explore beautiful landscapes
  • 8 The car is open
  • Can drive ships and helicopters
  • There are many challenges to beat
  • Collect card packs to unlock new cars
  • Collection of many items
  • Simulation on water
  • Hiking hill
  • Freight Transportation
  • Beat many challenges
  • The fun never ends
  • Mod

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