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Netcut - Hello guys, welcome back to Aptoide which you are always waiting for. As always we will always provide an Application, Game and Tips for the...
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Netcut – Hello guys, welcome back to Aptoide which you are always waiting for. As always we will always provide an Application, Game and Tips for the latest and most popular tricks at this time for you, visitors to Aptoide.

On this occasion we will recommend an application that is quite useful for smart phone users, especially Android who likes to oprek.

Curious, right? Okay, rather than linger just refer to the following review. Don’t skip it so as not to miss the latest and most popular information from us. Check this out!

Do you like to use wifi, but feel uncomfortable when accessing wifi because other WiFi users are full? This is undesirable because it makes our connections slow if we do not use bandwidth distribution.

It’s easy if we are a wifi operator, but what if it’s just a wifi app? Certainly very annoying is not it ?.

There are just a lot of applications developed by some people, one of which can cut or cut the current wifi network using Android.

Hah? Android? Of course when you hear it will think: impossible, which can cut off the current wifi network users using Android.

Take it easy, because by using Netcut Apk all that will become possible. Curious as to what the application and its features. Okay, just go ahead and see the description of the application below!

Netcut Pro

Netcut is an application that has the ability to be able to disconnect someone’s Wifi connection. In the Wifi area, the application will record all IP or Internet Protocol network users.

Therefore, users who use the Netcut application will have full power to be able to set the wifi network that the user is using. Because with the ability of this application, many users have used Netcut to disconnect all IP connections that are connected to be able to get the maximum “bandwidth” connection.

Because by getting your own network connection, it will automatically be able to increase the speed or speed of the internet connection. In general, the intended wifi network is a network that includes spaces such as offices, campuses, cafes, schools and many others.

Using this application is actually not difficult, you just need to download and install the Netcut application, this application is hard to find, but if you look for it, it doesn’t need to be difficult because we will provide a direct download link without the hassle and also of course the version we provide is Arcai Netcut Pro. Surely netcut pro apk is superior to the regular version.

Curious as to what excellence and function you can see below.

Use Netcut Pro Android

  • You can quickly detect all Wifi network users, and even when your cell phone doesn’t have a valid IP or is not given the use of internet wifi as long as you’re connected to any wifi. Netcut can work.
  • Off / on line settings for each network user including phone / xbox, PS3, PS4, softphone and others.
  • You can also cut the network between two network users in a LAN network, with one user set as a gateway, which then cuts off other users, so those two users will not be able to talk to each other, for example: Google TV, Xiaomi Box Apple TV, cutting the phone connection to the box, will deactivate the screen cast like feature.
  • Netcut Defender: Turn off or turn on in one click.
  • Scan the network when you think there are users still on the network and also you can’t see it.
  • Check the type of cellphone, Netcut pro full version will be able to see a list of various types of cellphones.
  • Give a name to easily remember the user. long press each network user, a pop-up window that will allow you to enter a name for the user.
  • Detecting an attacker is that if one tries to play “arp spoof” to you, you will be able to see it from netcut directly.
  • Does not require a netcut pro account or a free netcut pro account.

Latest Apk Features

In addition to the above uses, there are also the latest features of this application, here are some of the latest features of the netcut application:

  • Fix connected WIFI but no internet.
  • Fixed a bug on some phones that had invalid MAC addresses.
  • Fixed bugs that can’t cut multiple phones with fake MAC addresses.
  • Fixed a bug in the service binary,
  • And also fix the wrong bug pro UID.

How to Install Netcut Pro Apk

How to install the latest netcut pro apk is very easy, you can follow the steps below if you are still confused about how to install it, guys.

  • Before you intend to install this application, the most important thing as a condition of using the Arcai Netcut Pro apk application is that your phone must be rooted.
  • If the above conditions have been made, please download the pro version netcut application that we have provided the download link netcut pro above.
  • Before installing, you must first turn on an unknown source in order to allow the installation of third-party applications in the phone’s settings.
  • After performing the steps above, you can simply click and install the apk file. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • If it’s already installed, open the application and run!

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