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Livery Bussid – Hello, friend Aptoide is back with us here, how are you today? Good luck, never forget to always update about the hottest technology and tutorials on Aptoide, this time we will discuss about interesting games, want to know more? read and see yes friend.

For my friends who always play games through cellphones or computers, this time we will discuss one of the most popular games on Android phones, yes that is a game simulator bus.

Lately, the bus simulator game is still very popular with excellence and fun when driving a bus in the city of Indonesia, you can also choose your own path so that this game is very popular.

Not only that, this game offers customizing on buss and other cars, so that the car or buss that you have can be designed with your wishes and your likes.

Buss Simulator also provides templates for designing your buss, that is, with a file called livery buss, surely my friend is curious about this livery buss, what is the information and how do you use this livery bussid? continue to see yes friend for this article.

For friends who do not know about this buss simulator game, you can read the article below that we have provided some time ago.

Bussid Livery

What is Bussid’s livery? livery bussid is a collection of desaign buss in the Indonesian buss simulator game, what is the use of this file? you can use it as a tamplate to design the buus in this Indonesian buss simulator game, so that your buss has more cool and good looks.

This latest Bussid Livery also provides a lot of tempalte options for your buss, many kinds that you can download to be applied to the village bussid who are in the game.

We will here provide tutorials and download links for some of these bussid templates, you must be curious, right, because there are many kinds of desaign templates from this buss.

Various kinds of Livery Bussid

The selection of livery bussid collection in this file is very large, around 450 templates are available that are ready to download, but we will here provide download links according to the most popular desaign only.

Livery Bussid HD

The first is the livery version of the bussid hd file which has HD quality, this HD quality contains many desaigns or templates to use in your friend’s business, the village options themselves include many buss, you can check below.

  • Desaign buss Sinar Jaya
  • Template or desaign of Haryanto buss
  • Desaign Agra Mas buss car
  • Buss Sugeng Rahayu desaign
  • And there are many more, there are many choices in the HD version of the livery, there are still many other versions of the livery bussid livery, follow it, my friend.

Livery Bussid SHD

Furthermore, there is a file version in the form of a livery bussid shd, what’s the difference with HD? the difference is that shd has a different desaign from the hd version, some desaigns that have the shd version are not owned by the hd version, for a list of desaign buss that are in the shd version are below.

  • Design of Tentrem buss
  • The second is the village of Buss Zentrum
  • Third is the village of Rosalia Indah village
  • Fourth is the Pandawa village village 87
  • And the fifth is Buss Mekar Sari
  • And many others.
  • Do not stop the menu, the next version there are still some more interesting for you to know.

Livery Bussid XHD

Thirdly there is a livery version of bussid xhd, so this file is indeed of many types, the goal is that the user of the desaign template can classify each desaign buss according to their respective qualities so that the user will not later be confused downloading it.

For a list of desaign or templates available in this version, you can check the list in this vawah, it might be suitable for you to download.

  • The first is Desaign Buss, which belongs to Sumber Alam
  • Second, there is the village buss of Putera Mulya
  • Third there is the village buss from ALS
  • Next is the desaign of Subur Jaya
  • And the fifth one is Shantika buss
  • And many others like livery bussid arjuna xhd.
  • Those were the three types of livery bussid that you can choose according to your wishes, then we will here provide a download link to you, according to what we gave above earlier.

How to use Livery Bussid

And the way to use this file, my friend must first download and install the BUSSID game first, which we have provided in the article link above to download the game.

  • The first step, first download one of the files from this livery bussid, you can freely choose the version according to your wishes.
  • If it’s finished downloading, then save the file in the folder you want so that later when inputting the file in the game, it’s not difficult to find the file.
  • Open the BUSSID game and select the garage menu.
  • After that select the file menu and click.
  • Then select the livery on the menu, then you select the livery file that will be entered as your desaign village.
  • Done.

It’s not easy enough to use it, that’s some information that we can give to our loyal Aptoide friends, hopefully it’s useful for you guys.

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