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Know round mod APK – Hello buddy, is today fun? added the latest update article from Aptoide to be more beautiful right? thank you for your friend who is always loyal to our channel who always provides information on technology and tricks and tips for you to be more knowledgeable about technology.

This time we will discuss about the game again, but this time the game is based on Android and of course lightweight and can be played by anyone.

Usually the game is lifted from a story or a cool movie, but this time the game was lifted from the trend of the business of tofu trade, which every round in the countryside or the streets with its distinctive voice “round tofu in an impromptu anget fried anget five hundred” is quite unika yes friend.

Evidenced by the slogan that is considered a number of people cringe instead makes the business more recognizable to many people, even to make their own game.

Intrigued by this round tofu game? continue to see you, we will provide you with complete information on how to play and download, as well as a cheat cheat download link in this game, so that the game can be played and resolved easily.

Tofu Round Application

Know round application is a game that tells a seller of round tofu who started a business from the bottom and you are required to build a round tofu business, with the help and ways you build so that the business is successful.

For gameplay this round tofu game is quite easy, unlike games that have a rpg or mob genre that requires you to have skill and speed of the hand when playing, but this round tofu game is similar to the original selling activity.

For those of you who don’t know how to play this game, see tips on playing round tofu according to Aptoide and how to easily finish and be successful in this game.

Gameplay Tofu Round

For how to play this round-tofu gameplay it’s hard and difficult, my friend must pay attention to many aspects because when we have a high level on one aspect it will not be enough.

Pay attention to the round tofu recipe

The first thing for you to notice is that the recipe for tofu is made, the more the level increases, the higher the selling power, but if it is not added with services and shops, the expensive round tofu will not sell.

Raise the car level

If we have rounded tofu it must be balanced with a good car, functioning as a puller for buyers so that the selling power of round tofu will increase.

Raise the promotion of round tofu buddy

For promotion in a business, a real business or in the game are equally important, for my friend who wants to have a buyer in the game knows, you must increase the level of promotion so that the promotion can be conveyed to prospective buyers so that later it will increase selling power.

Extra time coin

In the game there is a round of tofu sales time where your shop will be visited by a flying UFO or flying suitcase, the function of which is to double the income, and pay attention to the additional menu at the bottom of the store, you must use this opportunity.

Focus on raising items together – together

For friends who are confused about which one to raise first, we recommend raising all levels of the car, promotions, and prices of tofu all the same so that all aspke can run simultaneously, not overtaking each other.

Main Features of Round Tofu Game

  • Play tofu games easily with just a tap on the mobile screen.
  • Build a business buddy and get rich in round tofu sales
  • Improve tools for cooking round tofu so the selling power is higher
  • Increase the quality of round tofu by raising the recipe level
  • Upgrade car levels and accessories in it to attract potential buyers
  • Raise promotions to attract lots of buyers
  • Event for my friend
  • Get multiple benefits at the tofu fever event
  • Reach for your success and make your business number one on the championship board
  • Google save cloud to save your account
  • For additional features for my friend in playing this game, among others:
  • Write External Storage – Share on various social media so that your friends can find out the achievements in the game know round with a screenshot.
  • Get Account – For my friend who wants to register and get all the latest information about the game, you can register in the game.
  • Read External Storage – Tofu game minimizes advertisements and internet quota that is used when played on your mobile, and if numbers 1 and 2 are not permitted by you, they will not be given to you.

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