The Gltools application can be said to be very sophisticated, because you can adjust the resolution and even the rendering...
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GLTools – Hey welcome back to us at Aptoide, your favorite web article for all of you visitors. As usual, we are always here to provide the latest and most popular applications, games and tips at the moment.

On this occasion we will recommend an application that can be very useful for your cellphone performance while playing games.

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Have you ever played a heavy game on an Android phone like PUBG, experiencing frame drop or lag? Besides required a good network, the hardware of the cellphone is also a major factor.

Unexpectedly, this is a complaint from users, or maybe you are not satisfied with the graphics of the game because the high resolution feature is locked.

This can be a solution by using this one application. Maybe some people still don’t know the GLTools application.

GLTools Apk

Technology is now growing, especially Android, where every month there are many new releases where the specifications of these high-end phones are amazing, of course it really works to play heavy games.

However, for those of you who are still using an old cellphone, it will feel empty especially the more updates to the game the harder it will be to play.

Therefore, we were unable to install some heavy and popular apps or games that many people love. So, in this case, our recommended gl tools app is simply awesome.

GL Tools apk is an android application to optimize high-end android game graphics. with this allows its users to be able to play them on mobile devices with low specifications to be able to display graphics that high.

The GPU on most of the newest smartphones or tablets is engineered in such a way that they can easily run all kinds of high-quality games.

However, it is unfortunate that from a few years ago there were no such high graphic android games because manufacturers never tried to be able to engineer smartphones in such a way.

To be able to solve the problem on that cellphone, this application “GLTool” has been created because it is based on the GLES driver which can be easily run on old smartphones.

GLTools advantages and types

The Gltools application can be said to be very sophisticated, because you can adjust the resolution and even the rendering yourself, increase the level of graphics quality, change the name of GPU Tegra, Mali, Power VR, Fake GPU and others.

With its sophisticated capabilities, this application has two versions, namely the regular version (free gltools) and the pro version (paid). The paid version for the play store app is priced at IDR. 90000.

Of course the paid version will have many features, but take it easy if you want to get the pro version without paying because we have provided the link below.

Before downloading it, you can first see the features of the two versions here.

GLTools Features

  • Allows you to play all kinds of high graphic games.
  • You can have complete authority over textures, images and other game settings.
  • This application allows you to decompress, adjust, resize the texture format or recompress or other settings.
  • Buddy can also improve the quality of old games.
  • There is a lot more for you to enjoy in the app

GLTools Pro Apk Features

Apart from the features of the regular version, now we will summarize some additional features in the Gltools Pro APK application which of course has many advantages over the regular version as follows:

  • Optimizes the shader on-the-fly for very optimal performance (the optimizer is almost the same as the one used on the unity3D engine by default)
  • Change the resolution and rendering bitness of all the latest Gltools applications.
  • Adding a level of graphics to andorid at several stages, even though the low-end GPU.
  • Can improve graphics and effects in games so they don’t appear when not using this application.
  • Performance measurements are best obtained on the FPS counter screen.

How to Install Apk

  • Click or tap the “download” button which we have provided the free gltools download link above.
  • Then go to Settings-> Security and activate the option “Unknown source” or “Unknown source” or check the option.
  • Then go back to your cellphone storage and find the apk file that you downloaded from our site.
  • Then tap or click the apk file.
  • Choose the install option and wait a few moments to complete the installation process.
  • After you install the application, you can open this application and
  • Now you are able to enjoy the application.

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