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Filmorago Apk - Welcome back to Aptoide, hopefully you, visitors are always given health. As usual Mimin always provides an application, games and tips...
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Filmorago – Welcome back to Aptoide, hopefully you, visitors are always given health. As usual Mimin always provides an application, games and tips for the latest tricks every day. Today Mimin wants to recommend an editor application again.

Curious as to what the application and its features? Let’s just look at the reviews below. Before listening, don’t skip writing this article so you don’t miss other recent information from us. Lets check this out guys!

In making a professional video, it will definitely be something that has more value for a content creator. However, for those of you who are still in the learning or beginner stage, you can make video editing using an Android mobile device with the FilmoraGo application.

Curious as to what the application and features are embedded in this application. Let us refer directly to the description below.

Filmorago Pro

The FilmoraGo application is a video editing application that is very complete and can allow you to create concepts from intelligent compositions by using each clip from memory on your device.

Of course, in addition to the video you can also add photos to your video project. Somehow this application can be named with Filmorago, or maybe inspired by the PC version of the Filmora app.

The main ability of FilmoraGo is that this application is certainly easy to run. Each side of your screen will have all the tools you need, including additional transitions, inserting music tracks, defining many visual themes, and many more.

In the middle of the screen you can see a review of the project you’re working on, and also at the bottom are time controls.

When you have finished working on video editing that you want, you can save it and also send the output. This edited video can then be saved directly to your Android memory, or if not, you can share it directly the results of the edited video are shared on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

FilmoraGo is a very powerful video editor application for creating extraordinary projects using video clips and also Sobatself images, all of which can be done in just seconds.

A great editor that is easy for all mobile users to access. For the filmora pro download file we will share it on the link below, previously you can see the features contained in the Filmorago Pro application.

Filmorago Pro Application Features
Very often when we download the editor application contained in the play store, a trivial problem but very annoying is the watermark. While applications that do not have a watermark are Filmora Pro apk or mod.

It seems that the problem will not be able to get my friend because we share the Filmora Pro application which does not have a watermark and other full features. These are the features that you can get on this application.

Main feature

  • Import photos and also video clips.
  • Can edit by adding several photos.
  • Support import from Instagram and Facebook.
  • Can preview projects directly.
  • Can cut video according to the desired duration.
  • Export HD resolution videos to your phone’s storage.

No watermark

No annoying watermark logos.


There are many interesting and cool templete that can be obtained by downloading the application.


There are abundant music options.
Can add music from the SD card or the phone’s internal memory.


Download lots of new effects for free, including filters, elements and overlays: This application actually has a myriad of advantages, one of which is by providing a lot of interesting filter options. Which with these filters Buddy will freely create to make very interesting videos.


It provides classic transition effects including Wipe, Dissolve, Split, Shutter and also Zoom out transitions to combine multiple images as well as video overlays and filters.

Speed ​​Control

Users can edit videos with slow or fast motion so that it looks like a professional video: You can make the video you take slow-motion or move faster (timelapse). Buddy just needs to determine the starting point and also the end, which will then apply filmorago slowmotion effect or fast in the mark.

Audio Equalizer

In the FilmoraGo Pro application you can also make it possible to edit audio files directly from the application, you can change the sound, remove background noise and many others.

Share Video

Videos that have been exported to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Email and many others.

Text animation

Do you like to add animated moving text to a video? Now in this application you can of course enter the text animation easily using filmorago. As for others,, there are also also a wide selection of cool animation effects.


In the FilmoraGo Pro apk you will love the large and free collection of Themes, the theme will make your videos look beautiful. You can use these themes at the beginning of the video.

This application also supports many international languages such as English, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Chinese and many more.

How to Install Apk

To install this application the way is very easy, but for those of you who find it difficult you can see the steps below.

  • Download the apk filmora that we have shared on the link above.
  • If you have downloaded Filmorago, don’t install it immediately. First check the phone’s settings whether you have turned on “Unknown Source” or “Unknown Source” in order to allow the installation of third-party applications or outside the Play Store.
  • Next, look for the apk download file filmorago pro that Buddy has downloaded, usually located in the browser download folder.
  • Click the file and install the application, wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open and start editing.

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