Camscanner - Hello, come back again with the coolest Aptoide admin, as usual we always provide the latest and most popular applications...
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Camscanner – Hello, come back again with the coolest Aptoide admin, as usual we always provide the latest and most popular applications, games and tips every day for the loyal visitors of Aptoide.

On this occasion we will recommend a multi-functional application, not a kind of Canva apk or anything else. However, this application can help you in terms of files.

Are you curious? Okay, without lingering, let’s just look at the reviews below! don’t skip it so you don’t miss the latest and other interesting information from us hehe. Check this out guys!

Do you know? if now you can scan documents on your android device? Yes, of course. With the development of smart phones that are increasingly helping our daily lives, especially Android which is now increasingly sophisticated nowadays, from the many activities that you can only do on a PC, now almost everything you can do is only in your grasp.

An activity that can only be done on a PC is scanning documents. To scan documents, you must need a scanner tool. However, now you can use a smart phone, especially Android, you only take advantage of the features found on the camera found on every Android today.

By utilizing an application installed on your favorite cellphone, you can now directly use your cellphone without bothering to go to the photocopy. The application is Camscanner. Curious about the application and its features? Immediately, we see the description below!

Cam scanner

CamScanner Apk (PDF Creator) is a tool in an application that will convert a printed document into a file or PDF file using your Android device.

The way it works is quite easy, you just need to do it by snapping the document using your camera, which is part of CamScanner (PDF Creator).

To be sure, the position of the photo must be in the center and have good lighting. This online scan application will then process the photo, and in just a few seconds the Camscaner application will convert it into a PDF document.

After the PDF document has been saved on the memory of your cellphone device, you can immediately process it like you are working with other files.

As for anything else, before saving the document, you can add various kinds of filters to see if the file looks better or not.

Actually, it’s back again whether the quality of the photo lighting is also good, with a filter you might be able to get better scan results.

CamScanner is a very interesting application for users who prefer to work with printed documents, the cool thing is, of course, you can carry these documents anywhere.

Camscanner Pro

The cellphone will become smarter if it supports more functions for the user. What we discussed earlier, this online cam scanner is an indispensable tool for exchanging information while studying and working.

Previously, to make a copy of a document page, you had to use a large and expensive scanner. Now, you can use the smartphone photography features to do this.

This Apkmod is a leading application that helps mobile users have quality document copies.

So, why is this application so needed when it can save documents by default? Because one of the capabilities of the CamScanner App that users rely on is its ability to produce high-quality images.

Even if the phone has the most advanced camera available today, users still have problems with text capture. Photos are often difficult to read, especially when you print them.

This application is the perfect solution for photo documents. With a smart algorithm, this application can remove unnecessary details to make documents clearer.

The feature of saving black and white images is also very impressive, which is comparable to most professional scanners.

CamScanner Pro is a paid version of the app which brings exclusive features and of course removes ads completely. This application has been highly trusted with a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 diplaystore and has been downloaded as many as 100,000,0000+ users.

Main features of CamScanner Pro

As we explained earlier CS Cam Scaner Pro comes with features that the free version doesn’t have. To see what its features are, you can see below:

No Watermark – You can create PDF files without Watermark.
High-resolution and high-quality images – CamScanner Pro gives you high-quality scans and produces better scan results when processing img to pdf online.
No ads: In the Pro version the application has completely removed ads so you can get comfortable when using the application without a hitch.
Evernote or SkyDrive: Unlimited Evernote or SkyDrive upload features.
Set password: you can set a password for the file (pdf scanner) before sending it.
You can create collages for many different pages of text.

Download Camscanner

This application is an essential application for office work. This apk can be used for anyone who wants to convert the original document into a multimedia file (PDF) and send it via email.

This application can work well on most Android devices. You only need a device running an OS with a minimum of 4.0 and 50MB for storage before installing and using the can scanner. If you want to download this application, you can click the download link below:

How to Install Apk

To install this apk as usual is very easy, if you have a little trouble installing it, you can follow the steps below:

  • First download the APK file that we have provided the link above.
  • If it has been downloaded, don’t install it immediately. You have to turn on “unknown source” or “unknown source” in your phone settings to allow installation of third party applications.
  • Next, you can immediately click and install the apk file. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Open the application and run !.

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